• Our 4 x 6 Walnut Photo USB Box is crafted from 100% American Black Walnut. It holds a matching USB drive on one side, while fitting up to 140 4 x 6 prints on the other. The box surface is sanded smooth to the touch, and completed with two clear coats of finishing spray. 

    The USB and the sliding lid of the box can both be engraved with your choice of logos or designs. The compartments of the boxes may also be stuffed with your choice of natural wood wool or green moss.

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  • Photo Box Internal Depth: 35mm. Holds up to 140 standard prints.

    Box lid Measurements: 172mm x 176.5mm.

    Overall USB Dimensions: 60mm x 28mm x 10mm.

    USB Body Dimensions: 42mm x 28mm x x 10mm.

  • Engraving template for the photo box here.

    Engraving template for the USB here.

4" x 6" Walnut Photo Box and USB Flash Drive

Buy Price
1 - 4 $ 74.00
5 - 19 $ 71.00
20 - 49 $ 68.00
50 - 99 $ 66.00
100 - + $ 64.00

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