4" x 6" Maple Photo Box and USB Flash Drive

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  • Believing that the best products start with their materials, we took the common 4" x 6" photo USB box and made it better. Using a high quality maple hardwood, we built a sturdier and denser box for those who are truly looking to impress. Instead of cutting corners and leaving it rustic, we carefully fitted the lid size, and finish coated its exterior like all of our other items.

    The result? A beautifully crafted maple photo box that is smooth to the touch. Customize it however you want with engraving options on both the box and the USB. It's value that can't be described in words, but once in your hands, the difference is abundantly clear.

    The listing comes with:
    - 1 4" x 6" photo USB box capable of holding 100 prints.
    - 1 Maple USB flash drive with a magnetic cap (8GB, 16GB, or 32GB).
    - Wood wool or green moss stuffing inside the USB compartment.

    - Free engraving on both the USB and the box lid.

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  • All engraving templates are sized to the product's dimensions.

    Engraving template for the photo box here.

    Engraving template for the USB here.

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