• Wrapped in a finely-threaded cream linen fabric, this photo box has an internal depth of around 28mm. It can hold up to 100 - 120 prints, along with a glass USBs of your choice, which is fitted with a precisely cut-out slot. The entire box lid is secured with two hidden magnets below the flap.

    Both the USB and the photo box can be customized with your choice of logo or texts. However, if you wish to customize the linen box with a custom logo, you must purchase a “Logo Die." It is a one-time charge used for casting your design onto a metal plate, so it can be used to deboss your boxes.

    Have questions? We'd love to help. Contact us here!

  • Photo Box Internal Depth: 30mm. Holds up to 120 standard prints.

    Overall USB Dimensions: 60mm x 17mm x 10mm.

    USB Body Dimensions: 30mm x 17mm x 10mm.

  • Engraving template for the Glass flash drives here.

Cream Linen Photo Box with Glass USB

Buy Price
1 - 4 $ 54.00
5 - 19 $ 51.00
20 - 49 $ 48.00
50 - 99 $ 46.00
100 - + $ 44.00
Box Size
USB Size
USB Finish

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