5" x 7" Maple Photo Box and USB Flash Drive

  • Click the "Templates" tab to download engraving templates.

  • Using our signature maple hardwood, we crafted one of the finest photo boxes out there. After carefully fitting its construction, each outer surface is sanded to a fine 220 grit and finish coated for extra perfection. The USB compartment is then stuffed with your choice of wood wool or green moss, and is paired with your choice of 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB flash drive. Offering one of the smoothest wooden surfaces, this ~100 print photo box is perfect for those looking to present their work.

    The sliding lid and flash drive can be engraved with your choice of logos, client's name, etc. on both sides! Click on the "Customize & Engraving" tab to submit your engraving files now!

    Have questions about our products or engraving? We'd love to help! Contact us here!

  • All engraving templates are sized to the product's dimensions.

    Engraving template for the photo box here.

    Engraving template for the USB here.

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